Updating an App’s credentials


You may need to change an App’s credentials due to internal rotation policies or otherwise. The StreamAlert CLI allows you to easily update App credentials. to aid in this process, the CLI also give you the ability to list currently configured Apps.

Listing Apps

To list currently configured Apps (grouped by cluster), use the CLI command:

$ python manage.py app list

Example output:

Cluster: prod

  Name: duo_prod_collector
    log_level:                     info
    interval:                      rate(2 hours)
    timeout:                       80
    memory:                        128
    type:                          duo_auth


The output will show No Apps configured if you haven’t configured any Apps.

Updating App Credentials

To update an App’s credentials, run the the following command:

$ python manage.py app update-auth --cluster <cluster> --name <app_name>

This will have you follow a process similar to configuring a new App.